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7/08/2006 Community Gumbo

audio Democracy Now (7/04/06)
StoryCorps: National Social History Project Records Ordinary People Telling Their Stories to Each Other

Camera Obscura, "Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken."

audio Tulane University Merges the Newcomb College for Women with Tulane College
A Civil District Judge denied a motion last week for an injunction to prevent Tulane University from closing the Newcomb College for Women. On July 1st, Newcomb College was merged with Tulane College, creating a single administrative entity to advise all undergraduate students.

In the future, the H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College Institute will serve the needs of undergraduate women on campus.

Opponents of the Tulane post-Katrina restructuring plan, who include descendants of Josephine Louise Newcomb, vowed to continue the fight to keep Newcomb College alive as a separate degree-granting institution for women.

Josephine Louise Newcomb created Newcomb College in 1886 as a memorial to her daughter, Sophie, who died at a young age.

In part 1 of this Community Gumbo segment, an interview with Renee Seblatnigg, the President of The Future of Newcomb College, leading the effort to keep Newcomb College open.

Part 2 of Community Gumbo features an interview with Yvette Jones, the Tulane Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President for External Affairs.

Efforts to keep Newcomb College alive continue at NEWCOMBLIVES.COM.

More about the Newcomb Memorial Institute can be found at NEWCOMB.TULANE.EDU.

Neko Case, "Favorite."

Cat Power, "The Greatest."


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