Saturday, June 10, 2006

6/10/2006 Community Gumbo

audio 6/05/06 Democracy Now
  • "No Good Science Goes Unpunished" - Environmental Journalist David Helvarg on the Bush Administration, Climate Change and Hurricanes

  • Activists, Celebs Stage Encampment For South Central Farm

  • British Antiwar Activist Salma Yaqoob on Iraq, Muslim Discrimination and Being the First Hijab-Wearing Woman Elected to City Council in Birmingham

Raul Peres-Valdes, "La Paloma," recorded in Havana, 5/30/2003.

audio New Orleans AK
The pilot edition of New Orleans AK (after Katrina), a weekly radio show on current events and social justice issues in the Crescent City:
  • Christian Roselund reports on the condition of New Orleans' levee system on the start of a new hurricane season.

  • Krystal Muhammud interviews Fred Hampton, Jr. on the legacy of Malcolm X.

  • Mikkel Allen-Loper reports on the struggle for living wages by immigrant workers.
New Orleans AK is a collective creation of Public Digital Urban Broadcasters (P-DUB) members Krystal Muhammud, Mayaba Leibenthal, Mikkel Allen-Loper, Christian Roselund and Corlita Mahr.


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