Saturday, June 03, 2006

6/03/2006 Community Gumbo

5/31/06 Democracy Now

Electronic Voting Machine Study Exposes Most Serious Security Flaws Ever Documented

Citizen Journalism: A Look at How Blogging is Changing the Media Landscape from the Congo to Korea

Sebastian Yradier, "La Paloma," Allar Õunapuu.

Bob Dylan, "To Ramona", Bob Dylan Live 1964 - Concert At Philharmonic Hall.

audio Studio 360: The New New Orleans
The reconstruction of New Orleans may be years away, but plans are coming off the drawing board. Andrés Duany and his team of “New Urbanists” have come to New Orleans with their vision of the future: 19th century-style town plans that encourage compact living and walkability. That’s roused the ire of some modernist architects, who think the New Urbanist vision is a nostalgia theme park. Kurt Andersen travels down to Louisiana to find out whether the future is in the past. Produced by Michele Siegel with Jason Rhein.

Thanks to Michele Siegel and the rest of the team at Studio 360 for making the airing of this production possible. This story originally aired on Studio 360, a co-producton of Public Radio International and WNYC radio. You can find out more at

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Polo Montañez, "Amanece El Nuevo Año," Guajiro Natural.

Eliades Ochoa, "Ella Si Va," Estoy Como Nunca.

Ibrahim Ferrer, "Nuestra Ultima Cita," Buena Vista Social Club Presents Ibrahim Ferrer.

Benny Moré, "Dolor y Perdon," The Voice and Work of Benny Moré.

Billy Bragg & Wilco, "One By One," Mermaid Avenue.

Brian Eno, "An Ending (Ascent)," Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks.


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