Monday, March 02, 2009

Cypress Mulch: Landscape Luxury or Lawn Loser?

Casey DeMoss Roberts explores the impact of cypress mulch on Louisiana’s endangered Cypress forests and the campaign to stop the logging. She interviews three major players involved with the Save Our Cypress Coalition. Also featured in this week's show was a clip from Democracy Now talking about climate change regulations and Power Shift 2009. Also, Christian Roselund stopped by the studio to discuss the upcoming session with the Louisiana Public Service Commission over a proposed Renewable Energy Standard.

Listen | Dean Wilson, Executive Director of the Atchafalaya Basin: America's River of Trees. Dean was listed as People Magazine’s Heroes Among Us in 2008. To get in touch with Dean Wilson go to

Listen | Marylee Orr, Executive Director of the Louisiana Environmental Action Network. Marylee has received many honors including To reach out to LEAN go to

Listen | Dan Favre is the Campaign Organizer with the Gulf Restoration Network and he works to implement grassroots public education and outreach efforts to protect important Gulf habitats, such as cypress forests, throughout the Gulf. Dan may be reached at

Listen | Democracy Now for Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Renewable What?

Christian Roseland with the Alliance for Affordable Energy ( joined us in the studio to inform us that the Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC) is considering a state Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) on Tuesday March 3rd. He explained what the LPSC is and why we should care about what they do and what kind of RPS is being considered.

Louisiana Public Service Commission: An elected state body charged with regulating utilities in Louisiana. Learn more about them and find your Commissioner at

Renewable Portfolio Standard (or Renewable Energy Standard): Mandates that a certain percentage of energy purchased comes from a renewable source. Renewable energy is energy that can be replaced in a relatively short amount of time unlike fossil fuels, which require thousands of years to replenish.