Saturday, December 06, 2008

12/06/2008 Community Gumbo

Listen | Democracy Now (12/5/08)
  • CEOs of Big Three Automakers Return to Capitol Hill to Plead for $34B Federal Bailout
  • Ralph Nader and Medea Benjamin on Obama‚Äôs Cabinet and Grassroots Organizing Under the Next Administration
  • 400 Killed in Nigeria in Violent Clashes Over Disputed Election Results
  • The Blogging Revolution: A Look at the Repression of Online Journalism Around the World

Listen | The Migrant Experience Through Mexico
Seven New Orleanians traveled for three weeks through Mexico this past August to learn about the experience of undocumented migrants. They discovered that the journey is filled with hazards, and that U.S. attitudes and policies toward immigrants might benefit from a more humanitarian effort to understand the issue of immigration.

Music Played
Odetta, "The House of the Rising Sun"

The Iguanas, "Por Mi Camino," Mexico and Mariachis, Milan Records.

Tito Larriva & Chingon, "Alacran y Pistolero," Mexico and Mariachis, Milan Records.


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