Sunday, October 26, 2008

10/25/2008 Community Gumbo

Guest Host: Kyle Barnett

Listen | Democracy Now (10/24/08)
  • McCain Calls Obama a “Socialist” – But Why is That a Smear?
  • Following Widespread Complaints, New Lawsuit Seeks Paper Balloting in Pennsylvania
  • Lawyers Planning Last-Minute Challenges as Time Running Out for Troy Anthony Davis

Listen | Karen Gadbois: Government Transparency, Social Networking, and Disaster Recovery (re-broadcast)
Karen Gadbois blogs about disaster recovery and documents New Orleans historic architecture at Her efforts to stop the bulldozing of historic properties led her on a trail which uncovered a scandal involving contractors who were paid to remediate flooded homes, but who never did the work. She was one of the featured speakers at the New Orleans Speaks Symposium, a forum highlighting lessons learned by fifteen civic activists involved in the struggle to rebuild. Due to Hurricane Gustav, New Orleans Speaks was rescheduled for the day this interview was broadcast at the University of New Orleans. More information is available at THENEWORLEANSINSTITUTE.ORG.

Listen | Democracy Now (10/23/08)
  • Indigenous Colombians Begin 10,000-Strong March Against Uribe Government
Listen | Democracy Now (10/22/08)
  • Does Obama's Record-Setting Fundraising Mark the End of Public Campaign Financing?
Music Played
Blurt “Get”

Metal Urbain “Colt 45”

Young Marble Giants “Radio Silents”

Suicide “Girl”


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