Saturday, September 06, 2008

9/06/2008 Community Gumbo

Listen | Democracy Now (8/29/08)

Listen | Democracy Now (9/05/08)

Listen | Democracy Now (8/29/08)

Listen | PBS Now, Amy Goodman on her Convention Arrest

Listen | Support the United Houma Nation Relief Fund


Robichaux’s father was an oyster and shrimp fisherman; her grandfather, a “traiteur,” or healer. Her father’s education ended in the 7th grade, because that was as far as Native Americans were allowed to go—hers was the first generation to integrate regular public schools and then to graduate from high school. Robichaux’s mother served on the tribal council of this matriarchal tribe—the foundation, perhaps, for Robichaux’s own tireless service to the United Houma Nation. Professionally, she works for the school board, helping them meet the academic and cultural needs of Native students. But her non-paying job is as Principal Chief of the United Houma Nation.



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