Friday, February 16, 2007

2/17/2007 Community Gumbo

audio Democracy Now (2/14/07)
  • Vermont Becomes First State to Call for US Troop Withdrawal from Iraq
  • Valentine’s Day: Labor Conditions at US-Owned Plantations Show Hidden Realities of Flower Industry
  • “Diamond Life”: Documentary Examines How Diamonds Funded the Civil War in Sierra Leone
  • Child Labor: The Hidden Ingredient to the Billion-Dollar Chocolate Industry?
  • Global Witness Founder Charmian Gooch: “The Diamond Industry is Failing to Live Up to Its Promises”

audio The Rabouin Marching Band Hits the Parade Routes

Starting Rabouin High School’s first-ever marching band following Hurricane Katrina was the special passion of Hot 8 Brass Band drummer Dinneral Shavers before he became the unintended victim of a shooting in December. His spirit lives on in the Rabouin marching band.


Hot 8 Brass Band mp3's.

Hot 8 Brass Band wiki

Darran Simon, "Strike Up the Band," The Times-Picayune.

Maria Montoya, "Band Marches Back from Tragedy," The Times-Picayune.

Maria Montoya, "A Dream Marches On," The Times-Picayune.

Music Played:
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, "Mardi Gras in New Orleans."

Bo Dollis & The Rebirth Brass Band, "Tipitina."

Al Johnson, "Carnival Time."

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