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1/20/2007 Community Gumbo

audio Democracy Now (1/16/07)
Bill Moyers at the Media Reform Conference

audio Lower Ninth Ward residents plan to rebuild

New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward remains a lifeless landscape of empty slabs and broken homes. Just a couple of miles downriver from the French Quarter, this was ground zero for the Industrial Canal levee break during Hurricane Katrina. Generations of families in this predominantly African American neighborhood became homeowners and created a tight-knit community of family and friends. The future risk of storm-driven flooding is one of the issues they were asked to consider, at a recent planning district meeting, in deciding where and how to rebuild their homes.

Unified New Orleans Plan organizers have scheduled the third and last Community Congress today. 1-877-527-3284 for more information.

The SF 95 form is required to file a suit against the Army Corps of Engineers for damages.

More photos. Also interesting -- view slides from the meeting H3 presentation.

audio Bill Quigley: Public Housing, the Right to Return, and MLK

St. Bernard public housing residents have been forbidden ever since Hurricane Katrina to re-enter the homes they once lived in. For nearly a year and a half, they haven't been given the opportunity to reclaim valued possessions, clean up their homes, or return to them as affordable housing at a time when rent has skyrocketed across New Orleans. They grabbed mops and brooms on the Martin Luther King holiday, marched into their homes, and started cleaning. Along with an army of volunteers, they proclaimed that they would not leave, despite the fact that HUD plans to bulldoze the apartment complex.

Bill Quiqley, an attorney at the Loyola Poverty Law Center, attended the reoccupation to support residents. In this interview, he talks about the right of residents to return to public housing, social justice, and how Washington's preoccupation with stabilizing Iraq is de-stabilizing New Orleans.

More stories and photos at New Orleans Indymedia. (Community Gumbo photos will be posted sometime this weekend).


The Newcomb College Center for Research on Women upcoming events:
"Flying into Hurricanes"
A presentation by Robbie Hood and Michelle Mainelli, as part of The Newcomb College Institute Powerhouse Speakers Series.
7 pm, Tuesday, 23 January 2007
Freeman Auditorium, Woldenberg Art Center

Mystick Krewe of Newcombus Festivity
Thursday 25 January 2007
Calling all Daughters and Friends of the Cosmic Acorn to the Mystick Krewe of Newcombus Festivity for the amusement of Her Majesty Abaigeal VanDeerlin, N 05, TU Law 06 a.k.a “Sophie Nuke’em” of the Big Easy Roller Girls featuring “By Invitation Only” a film by Rebecca Snedeker about gender, race, and old line Carnival traditions.

Screenings at 5 pm & 8 pm

Rebecca will introduce the film and take questions
following each screening

King cake tasting 6:30 - 8 pm

Mystick Newcombus Ritual 7 pm

Caroline Richardson Hall
Kindly RSVP: 504-865-5238

The Big Easy Roller Girls
The Big Easy Rollergirls rescheduled their January 21st bout against the Sin City Rollergirls so fans wouldn't have to choose between them and New Orleans' other favorite team, the Saints. But you can join the rollergirls for the Tomatoes CD release party at One-Eyed Jacks, and you can join them in cheering on the Saints to victory at Lucky's.

Music played:
Dr. John, sippiana hericane (various)

Stanton Moore, "When Levee Breaks"

Potpie, "Blues for the Lower Nine"


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