Saturday, December 30, 2006

12/30/2006 Community Gumbo

audio Democracy Now (12/27/06)
  • President Gerald Ford Dies at 93; Supported Indonesian Invasion of East Timor that Killed 1/3 of Population
  • Investigative Journalist Robert Parry on Gerald Ford's Legacy and the Bush Administration's Roots in the Ford White House
  • Did Gerald Ford Agree to Nixon Pardon Before Taking Office? The Nation's Victor Navasky on Ford's Memoirs and the Lawsuit that Followed
  • Barbara Ehrenreich on Poverty, War and Feminism’s Place in the World
audio Coming Home, Stronger Than Before (re-broadcast)
Excerpted audio from a December 12th panel discussion at St. Dominic Catholic School in Lakeview.
  • LSU Hurricane Center scientist Ivor van Heerden, on what a comprehensive coastal protection plan should contain, including both coastal restoration projects and stronger levee systems.
  • UC-Berkeley civil engineer Robert Bea, on how a comprehensive hurricane protection system should be built and maintained.
  • New Orleans attorney and Washington insider Bruce Feingerts, on the political dimensions of Congress' role in providing money for rebuilding levees.
Not included in this broadcast segment, but available on the Indymedia archive:
  • Eugene Schreiber, managing director of the World Trade Center in New Orleans, on how New Orleans' role as a major port affects the national economy.
  • Anne Konigsmark, a USA Today reporter based in New Orleans, on the role of the media in explaining the city's post-Katrina obstacles.
  • Q&A excerpts.
The forum was organized by Jimmy Delery, and moderated by Garland Robinette.

audio Democracy Now (12/25/06) excerpt
The life and work of Yip Harburg, the Broadway lyricist who wrote such hits as "Brother Can You Spare a Dime" and who put the music into the Wizard of Oz.

Music played:
David "The Nac" Naccari, Katrinalaya, 2005 (available at local shops, KATRINALAYA.ORG, CDBABY.COM, or by email,


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