Saturday, October 27, 2007

10/27/2007 Community Gumbo

Democracy Now (montage)
  • Listen | FCC Chair Kevin Martin Proposes Rules to Allow for Greater Media Consolidation (10/22/07)
  • Listen | Environmental Journalist Bill McKibben on the Links Between Global Warming & the California Wild Fires (10/23/07)
  • Listen | Leading Australian Scientist Tim Flannery on Global Warming and the Worsening Dangers of Climate Change Denial (10/25/07)

Listen | Save Our Coast: Carlton Dufrechou, Executive Director of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation (re-broadcast)

Saving New Orleans means saving Louisiana's receding coastline, and restoring a once healthy wetland ecosystem of marshes, and forests of cypress and tupelo to break storm surges. As Executive Director of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, Carlton Dufrechou has led the cause for a healthier ecosystem in Southeast Louisiana for nearly two-decades. The current battle being waged is for passage of the Water Resources Development Act of 2007. Both parties in both houses of Congress overwhelmingly supported the WRDA bill, which contains more than $3.5 billion in Louisiana hurricane- and flood-protection projects, yet President Bush is threatening a veto.

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The Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation (LPBF) is committed to bringing the New Canal Lighthouse back to life after Hurricane Katrina. Since 2001, LPBF has actively sought ownership of the lighthouse once the USCG moved into their new station in Bucktown. Before Katrina, LPBF was participating in the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Program to turn the lighthouse into an education center for the public featuring exhibits about the history of the light and the ecology of the Pontchartrain Basin. It is the intention of LPBF to restore the lighthouse from hurricane damage and continue the work to open it as a public education facility.

Tell President Bush: Don't Veto the Water Resources Development Act!

Save Our Cypress Day of Action

On Saturday, November 17th, the Save Our Cypress Coalition is participating in the International Day of Action Against Big Box Retailers. All over the world, people will be speaking out to address problems with big box retailers. All around the U.S., we've got a great opportunity to make an impact for protecting the Gulf's cypress forests.

New Orleans March and Rally to End the War
and Rebuild New Orleans and the Gulf Coast

United for Peace and Justice with military families, veterans, faith based groups and those involved in recovery efforts along with a new peace coalition, NO Coalition Against the War, are joining together to march and rally on Saturday, October 27 in New Orleans. We will call for an end to the war in Iraq as a giant step towards redirecting our country's resources to rebuild New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

Never has it been so clear that while our children and loved ones are sent to fight an unjust war, they come home to communities ravaged by disasters, both natural and man made. We must join together and press for an end to the war and justice for our communities!

In New Orleans, we will gather in Washington Square Park (Corner of Frenchmen and Royal) at 2 PM on Saturday for a rally that will include military families, veterans and community activists. On that day, we will launch a petition drive aimed at the passage of a City Council resolution to put our city on record along side of hundreds of cities calling upon the Bush administration and Congress to end the war to rebuild our communities.

At 4 PM, we will march through the French Quarter and return to Washington Square Park.

Robert Greenwald video.

Stop Big Media


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