Saturday, September 29, 2007

9/29/2007 Community Gumbo

Listen | Democracy Now (9/24/07)
  • Alan Greenspan vs. Naomi Klein on the Iraq War, Bush's Tax Cuts, Economic Populism, Crony Capitalism and More
  • Blackwater Back on Patrol in Baghdad as Shootings Probe Continues

Listen | Angelo Brocato's is Back! (Re-Broadcast)

Angelo Brocato's Ice Cream & Confectionary, is re-opened a year ago for the first time since Hurricane Katrina.

This is a re-broadcast of the interview that aired on the occasion of the re-opening of this landmark in the cultural geography of New Orleans.

[More photos and information available in the original Community Gumbo feature]

Music Played:
Dave Brubeck, "Georgia on My Mind," Indian Summer, Telarc, 2007.

Memphis Minnie, "You Need a Friend," CBS, 1988.

Snooks Eaglin, "Funky Malaguena," The Legacy of the Blues Sampler, Crescendo, 1976.

Sonny Boy Williamson, "Too Old to Think," The Real Folk Blues, Chess, 1987.

Dave Brubeck, "You'll Never Know," Indian Summer, Telarc, 2007.


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