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8/4/2007 Community Gumbo

Listen | Democracy Now (8/02/07)
  • “Robber Baron Over the Last Century”: Dow Jones Union Head on Likely New Boss Rupert Murdoch
  • With New Internet and Cell Phone Rules, Federal Communications Commission Approves Mass Sell-off of Public Airwaves
  • Independent Artists Lead Fight Against Proposed New York City Regulations Limiting Filming, Photography in Public Places

Listen | A Gentilly 4th of July (re-broadcast)

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Support Community Radio

Community radio hopefuls and broadcasters alike announced a breakthrough in the fight to bring low power FM radio licenses to thousands more cities and towns. Congressional bills H.R. 2802 in the House, and S. 1675 in the Senate, is a chance for community radio hopefuls from Omaha to Orlando to get new licenses to build their own low power FM radio stations.

The Senate spoke up in 2005 and 2006 in support of low power FM -- passing bills out of the Senate Commerce Committee to expand the service twice.

This is the first time in seven years that the House of Represenatives has considered expanding low power FM radio to your community.

To continue this momentum and get more Congressmembers to support low power FM radio, grassroots organizers are trying to get more Congressmembers to cosponsor and push for a full vote of Congress this fall to expand community radio.

Learn more about how Congress limited low power FM radio in most American cities here: features research and action to stop media consolidation.

There are also efforts underway to start a full-power non-commercial FM community radio station in New Orleans. More information at

Phoenix Recycling

Plastic (#1 - #7), glass, cans, newspaper, mixed paper, cardboard.
Bi-monthly collection, $15/month.

Coverage map:

Host a Katrinaversary

This Katrinaversary, Wednesday August 29th, the Gulf Restoration Network hopes you will join hosts across the country in reminding the nation & our leaders that Louisiana's coast & communities still need help!

· A copy of Louisiana Public Broadcasting and independent producer Christina Melton's award winning documentary, Washing Away: Losing Louisiana

· A “HOW TO” sheet filled with facts about Louisiana's coastal wetlands, and ideas about how to introduce the documentary to your guests and follow up after.

· Gulf Restoration Network brochures complete with forms that will allow you and your guests to become a member of the Gulf Restoration Network and alert your member of Congress about the need for Louisiana coastal wetland restoration and preservation.

· A Party Pack complete with a recipe for red beans and rice from renowned chef Leah Chase, who is featured in Washing Away, and other party favors straight from the Louisiana Coast!

As a "thank you" for hosting, you will receive a FREE Gulf Restoration Network T-shirt, and the top 5 hosts who garner the most RSVPs along with the 5 hosts with the most successful party will receive a FREE copy of Marsh Mission, a breathtaking book of marsh photographs and paintings by Louisiana artists C.C. Lockwood and Rhea Gary.

More information here, or go to

Music Played:
Nick Drake, "They're Leaving Me Behind," Family Tree, Tsunami, 2007.

Johnny Cash, "Troublesome Waters," Ultimate Gospel, Columbia, 2007.

Nick Drake, "Rain," Family Tree, Tsunami, 2007.


Blogger Aaron said...

Hey Gumbo Potlikker - thanks so much for alerting folks to our home screenings! They went really well, with 130 events happening from Alaska to Worcester, MA!

The other important action we're asking folks to do is to e-mail the prez and ask him to pass the Water Resources Development Act, which includes billions in federal authorizations for our coastal restoration projects - one of the best ways to learn the lessons of Katrina - act here now!

10:46 AM  

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