Saturday, April 14, 2007

4/14/2007 Community Gumbo

audio Democracy Now (4/12/07)
  • Novelist Kurt Vonnegut Dies at 84
  • Red Cross Warns "Disastrous," “Immense” Iraqi Humanitarian Crisis "Ever-Worsening"
  • War and Taxes: With 40% of IRS Revenue Going to Military, Resisters Prepare to Withhold Taxes to Protest War
  • Is Princeton Professor and Retired Marine on Government No-Fly List for Criticizing the White House?
audio Mark Davis, Director of the Institute on Water Resources Law and Policy (re-broadcast)
The Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority on Thursday approved a master plan to restore coastal wetlands and protect southern Louisiana from hurricanes. The state legislature will consider the plan's recommendation to spend $199 million on levees and wetlands projects in fiscal 2008 when the session begins on April 30th.

The Army Corps of Engineers is working on a separate Category 5 hurricane protection proposal to submit to Congress, and will include the state plan in the proposal. Corps officials and wetlands scientists are getting behind the idea of a system of leaky levees which would stop storm surge, but still allow a natural flow of silt to replenish wetlands.

More information in the previous broadcast post.

Mark Schleifstein, "Board OKs wetlands, levee work," The Times-Picayune, 4/14/07.

The Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority -- read the master plan.

Music Played:
Nick Drake, "Place to Be," Pink Moon.

Nick Drake, "River Man," Five Leaves Left.

Philip Glass (w/ Allen Ginsberg), "Echorus," Compassion.


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