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9/02/2006 Community Gumbo

audio Democracy Now (8/29/06)
  • Hurricane Katrina, One Year Later: Democracy Now! Looks Back to the Days After the Disaster
  • Breach of Faith: Times-Picayune Editor Jed Horne on "Neoconservative" Ray Nagin and "Federal Oppression" in the South
  • One Year After Katrina, New Orleans Public Housing Projects Remain Closed
  • New Orleans Judge Slated to Release Prisoners Citing Breakdown in Criminal Justice System

Dr. John, "Sweet Home New Orleans," sippiana hericane

audio New Orleans blogger Maitri Venkat Ramani -- Day 337: Inspiration
New Orleans bloggers are making an impact on their community. The new edition of The Nation recognizes the contribution of New Orleans bloggers as "a crucial link in the effort to rebuild New Orleans and its communities." On the occasion of the Hurricane Katrina one-year anniversary, New Orleans bloggers, who now number over a hundred, celebrated and discussed the role of citizen journalism and activism at the Rising Tide conference.

Together, New Orleans bloggers represent what might be the best example to date of how bloggers are enriching and enhancing mainstream press coverage of the world with personal perspectives. Since Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans bloggers have created a remarkable community of storytelling, mutual support, news and information, humor and opinion about Katrina and Rita recovery in Louisiana.

Maitri Venkat Ramani writes about New Orleans at Vatulblog. Her posts range from broad personal reflections on life in post-Katrina New Orleans, to the minute political machinations of the city's recovery planning process.

Maitri's inspiring writing, and a photo of residents waiting to attend a citywide Unified New Orleans Plan meeting, inspired a response by Valerie Savoie about the special fortitude displayed by New Orleans residents as they try to rebuild their homes and their neighborhoods.

This is Maitri's photo which so profoundly inspired Valerie's response:


Maitri's VatulBlog -- Day 337: Inspiration.

Metroblogging New Orleans -- Maitri's posts.

People Get Ready -- Louisiana blog revolt spotlighted in The Nation.

Norah Jones, "I Think it's Going to Rain Today," Higher Ground Hurricane Relief Concert


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