Saturday, April 12, 2008

4/12/2008 Community Gumbo

Update in progress (check back for audio) ...

Listen | Democracy Now (4/11/08)
V to the Tenth: Thousands of Women Gather in New Orleans for 10th Anniversary of Global Movement to Combat Violence Against Women

New Orleans Affordable Housing Options Diminish as Public Housing Demolition Continues
Listen | Part 1: Women stand in line to apply for housing assistance as demolition commences on the Lafitte Housing Development across the street.

Listen | Part 2: A woman turned away from a Housing Authority of New Orleans office is told she has to come back after she has a case worker assigned.

Demolition of the Lafitte Housing Development commenced, even as women stood in line across the street hoping to obtain Section 8 housing assistance expressed frustration in their search for affordable housing in post-Katrina New Orleans.
Photo: A sign posted just inside the Sojourner Truth Housing Authority of New Orleans office (where applicants leaving the grounds can see it) advertises a $1250 apartment (Community Gumbo).
Listen | Democracy Now Host Amy Goodman Visits WTUL


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